Resin Bound Driveways

resin bound driveway cleaning

Professional Resin bound driveway Cleaning

Resin bound driveways are durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-maintain. To make these roads, aggregate stones are mixed with a resin compound to bind them together. This creates a surface that resembles gravel but without the loose particles. One notable benefit of this type of driveway is that unlike gravel and some other surfaces, it resists the growth of plants. That means you won’t be having to pull out weeds or remove organic materials now and then. Resin bound driveways are also adequately permeable and doesn’t experience the flooding caused by rainwater.
For expert driveway cleaning, we are the company to go to. We offer both one-time and annual cleaning services. Our cleaning procedures are both safe and effective, resulting in no damage to ensure your resin bound driveway maintains its colours and traction. Give us a call or contact online and we will offer you free advice concerning driveway cleaning. Our quotation is also free, and you can request for one today.

In spite of these driveways being resistant to a number of environmental causes of damage, they require proper care if they’re to last for long. Neglected, the surfaces become vulnerable to organic growths, and their lifespan reduces considerably. This calls for not only proper maintenance practices but also that you ensure regular cleanups.

To maintain the look and condition of your resin bound driveway, follow these tips.

Sweeping removes debris and organic growths from the driveway’s surface and helps prevent damage. The sweeping frequency depends on various factors such as how easily or quickly dirt and debris accumulate. If there are trees nearby, leaves are likely to cover its surface within a short time. It can lead to serious problems, especially if the debris is not removed soon enough.

Enrol in an Annual Maintenance Plan

If for any reason you’re unable to sweep or wash your driveway, consider an annual cleaning program. It involves having professionals power wash the surface once every year. The plan relieves you of the need to do the hard work yourself and keeps your driveway in perfect condition to increase its lifespan. Because a professional driveway cleaning company has the right equipment and skills, it means a cleaner surface that maintains the tidy look for long. Professional cleaning also presents fewer risks of damage to the driveway.

Though resistant to plant growth, a poorly maintained resin bound driveway can grow weeds and moss. This would, in turn, cause the resin to weaken and affect the smooth nature of this road. For the best results, sweep the driveway using a broom or brush with stiff bristles to remove even the stuck dirt.

Wash it Once in a While

For this, you can use pressure equipment or the regular garden hose. Only ensure the water temperature and pressure are not too high or too low to avoid damaging the resin. Don’t worry about water remaining on the surface after the washing process; resin driveways allow for the seepage of water and are SUD compliant. This ability of the surface to prevent the formation of puddles is what makes resin bound driveways resistant to moss and algae growths.

resin bound driveway cleaning

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