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Professional Tarmac Restoration Service

Compared to imprinted concrete and block paving, tarmac is relatively cheap to lay, which is one of the reasons why it is seen so frequently across the UK. From school playgrounds to car parks, tennis courts to domestic driveways, tarmac is a firm favourite that seems to be here to stay.

We offer tarmac restoration service in Merseyside areas Formby, Crosby, Liverpool, Banks, Maghull, Lydiate and in Lancashire. By choosing us you can be confident of receiving a professional service to transform any driveway surface.

Tarmac restoration by our highly trained professionals

There can be a downside to this inexpensive surface. Tarmac can deteriorate quickly, with a number of issues caused by the weather, including:

  • The original colour fading after prolonged exposure to sunlight;
  • The surface drying out;
  • Cracks appearing due to frost expanding and contracting the surface;
  • Pot holes that occur when cracks are not treated quickly.

As tarmac can deteriorate quickly, so, is it a case of buy cheap, buy twice? Should you just rip up the tarmac and lay a new surface down?

Not necessarily! Tarmac restoration can make the surface look fantastic once again, without putting too much strain on your wallet. In fact, after we’ve finished it can look as though it was only recently laid – without you needing to shell out for a brand new surface.

Our registered agents use a cold lay repair material and crack repair compound to fix tarmac and concrete surfaces, which ensures that the whole surface can last for many more years, and will look great. We can also restore the original colour of your tarmac to make it look fresh and smart.

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