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Imprinted concrete cleaning

Imprinted concrete cleaning

Our customer enquired as to whether it was possible to carry out  imprinted concrete cleaning at her home. We made an appointment to visit and measure up the area so as to give her an accurate no obligation quote for  imprinted concrete cleaning .

The imprinted concrete had been layed in 2001 and had received little in the way of maintenance since then. Whilst the colour had faded and there was no protective seal left…generally the driveway and patio area were in pretty good condition. Free from cracks and small holes that commonly form in imprinted concrete surfaces when left for long periods.

We measured up and advised the customer that it would be a wise move to re-colour and add several coats of protective seal .

Firstly we cleaned and de-greased the whole of the imprinted drive way. This was allowed to dry .After this 2 coats of colour were applied  to the surface ,this was then followed by two coats of clear protective seal.

imprinted concrete cleaning and sealing preston lancashire.Impreinted concrete cleaning and sealing preston lancashire.