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Driveway cleaning Southport .

image of block paving after driveway cleaning southport merseysideimage of driveway cleaning southport merseysideDriveway and Patio cleaning Southport

Driveway cleaning Southport  specialise in the  cleaning and sealing of driveways and patio’s. We offer this service to residential homes over Southport , Liverpool in Merseyside and Lancashire. a large percentade of the driveways we are asked to clean are block paveing or mono block. Our service extends to other driveways and patio surfaces …we will also clean imprinted concrete, tarmac and all types of concrete paving slabs.

Most surfaces can be cleaned useing just high pressured water . Combine this with our specially designed driveway cleaning machines  We can quickly clean even the dirtiest of driveways and patio’s. Our  process is very efficient  and cost effective.  We will always try to complete any driveway or patio cleaning project with as little inconvenience to our customers as possible.

Sometimes because of the condition of some driveways and patio’s , it will be necessary to pre-treat the surface before any cleaning takes place. This makes it much easier to remove engine  oil or machinary grease stains.  In really extreme cases algae or weed growth.

If you have a Driveway or patio you require cleaning in the Southport area please feel free to contact us on 01704 620414 for a free quote or advice.