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A Detailed Look at Driveway Cleaning & Sealing Cost in the UK

How Much Does Driveway Cleaning Cost?

The cost to have your driveway cleaned and sealed varies from one region to another. It also depends on the rates of the company you hire to do the work. The average cost lies between £8-£12 for every square metre that is weed killed, resanded and sealed. Weedkilling, cleaning and rersanding cost considerable less around £3per square metre depending on the size of the area. The bigger the area the less per square metre. The time it takes to clean and seal the driveway can be several days. That’s because of the time required to dry out the surface and which depends on the weather conditions. There’s also the wait time after the biocide has been applied which can be two or three days.

When having your driveway sealed, you may want to have other parts of your property cleaned as well. A new looking driveway that’s surrounded by stained walls and roofs can look out of place. Usually, the companies that offer driveway sealing services also clean buildings, and you can have them do all the work at a go.

Avoid sealing your driveway during the winter. For the sealer to bind firmly and last for long, it requires that the driveway be completely dry. Such a surface would be difficult to achieve in the winter conditions and could mean applying a sealer on moist pavers. While the pavers may seem to be dry on the outside, it’s important to understand that the moisture is contained deep inside and you risk sealing it in.

Beware the lower price…If it is too good to be true it usually is!
A quality sealer such as Resiblock is necessary. It assures you of adequate protection for the driveway, plus you will not need to reseal it for a long time. Low-quality sealers don’t form a strong enough coat and may crack sooner than you expected. It can cause you to lose money when you have to apply a new seal. To ensure your paved driveway is properly secured from damage, it’s advisable to hire a trusted company for the job. Also, make sure they use a quality product.