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Block paving cleaning Southport merseyside.

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Block paving cleaning Southport merseyside.

We receive  a large amount of enquiries  to clean and seal the many types of block paving, that have been laid across  the Southport region. We also receive more from Liverpool in Merseyside to Preston in Lancashire. Block paving is a very popular choice with homeowners

Considering the amount  block paving has been laid in the last 30-40 years.Ther will always be a call for ongoing maintenance. We have outlined the following steps that will keep you block paving in prestine condition .We carry this out in 4 easy to follow steps .

1. We spray the  block paving  with fungicidal wash/weedkiller to kill off any moss, algae or weeds that may be present. The weeds useually grow  in the joints of the paving.

2 We then clean the  block  useing a proffesional high powered pressure washer and a Flat surface cleaner.

We then leave  block paving to completely dry out. After this we  brush f reshkiln dried sand into the joints this will help stabilise the blocks to prevent them moving.

4. After this we  seal the block paving with multiple coats of good quality  block paving sealer.  The application of the block paving sealer will  protect the surface of the block paving and slow down any future  colour  The sealer solidifys sand in the joints and helps  restrict the future growth of weeds.

We offer our Block paving cleaning and sealing to both business and homeowners in Southport, Formby, Crosby, Liverpool, Merseyside Skelmersdale ,Ormskirk and surrounding areas. Block paving cleaned Preston, Lancashire and surrounding areas.

If you require block paving cleaning Southport Merseyside. Call us now  for a FREE no obligation quote or free  advice – Freephone 01704 620414