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Block paving cleaning company southport merseyside

Cleaning the block paving enhances the appeal of your property. If neglected, paving can look unsightly with weeds growing , a green layer of moss and algae covering it are the most common problems.

We are a professional block paving cleaning company that offers block paving cleaning services across the Southport Merseyside

We use safe and effective methods to clean your block paving. The techniques we use don’t result in any damage to your paving, plus the results will be long-lasting. You won’t have to clean the paving again anytime soon. That’s because we both clean and seal the paving to prevent the growth of weeds, moss and algae. It makes our cleaning a cost-effective one that saves you maintenance expenses. 

The process we use to clean block paving involves three steps.

Step 1. We spray the paving with an eco-friendly chemical to eliminate the weeds that may be growing in the joints. It also kills off moss and algae growths. After that, we use a high power pressure washing equipment to clear the paving of any dirt or debris. We then leave it to dry.

Step 2. After the paving has dried completely, we refill the joints with sand. For this, we use sand that’s been kiln dried. The sand serves to improve the stability of the blocks.

Step 3. The paving is now clean and refilled with sand. The last step involves sealing it, and we use Smartseal sealant for that. Sealing the paving protects its surface and prevents loss of colour. As a result, the paving is always looking as bright as newly laid out. The sealant also ‘cements’ the sand in the joints and prevents weeds from growing again. 

If your block paving was laid out several years ago, it’s time you had it professionally cleaned. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to clean your paving and restore the look it had when new. Being a block paving cleaning company that’s been in the industry for years, we understand how to carry out the cleaning for the best of results. 

Apart from the experience and expertise we have, our rates are competitive. We are the company to call if looking for the best yet cost-effective services. It doesn’t matter the age of your paving or which part of the UK your property located. We clean all block pavings and across the country.

The process reach us is pretty simple, and we are always ready to answer your queries. Our quote is also free if you request for one. You’re our priority as customer satisfaction is our main aim. You only have to get in touch with us today, and your unsightly paving will be looking good in no time. Our team of cleaners is always on the ready which assures you of no delays to do the cleaning. 

Contact us on 08000933267 . Call us and talk to our customer representative who will take you through the process to have us clean your block paving. You can also reach us by filling the online quote form. We respond quickly to your questions and our services to clean paving are equally swift.